About Us

Our company was founded on the idea that your customer doesn't always hear 'Thank You'.


Client Call Center is an outbound call center with a focus on Customer Retention for the Retail Clients we support. Client Call Center delivers a consistent platform for driving customers back into a retail locations that they have purchased products from with a warm, heartfelt 'Thank You' on behalf of that location. 


Client Call Center also has partnerships with companies to get video, audio, or written reviews from customers in seconds and instantly posts to your website and social media, and to help dominate your local search with placement on the front page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL Search and more with unlimited keywords.

To date, Client Call Center agents have delivered more than 1,000,000 'Thank You' calls to the customers of our Retail Clients while generating more than $10MM in revenue for those clients annually.

While providing immediate ROI on all of the projects we take part in is important, our primary goal is to drive in new customers and long-term Customer Retention for our Clients. 

At Client Call Center, this goal is being met with every review, new first page listing, and outbound call we make.




Client Call Center